homework 10/19

Algorithmic Wall – Tama Art University / double Negatives Architecture (dNA)





(following is a quotation)

The software called “corpora” put out the share and structure after calculation. This object’s function in book shelf / cabinet. The nodes were plot elaborate at 471mm intervals. The node continuously adjust the density according to the conditions of the other nodes, sometimes nodes delete themselves. This process makes up Corpora, from autonome generation and local decisions. All nodes by try to adjust / re-design themselves until the given condition. In this case “Algorithmic Wall” the Corpora modelling came up to a condensation after 15,000 steps arround. Zooming up any part of them, the condition, connecting length less than 650mm, connecting with less than 5 nodes surrounds.

It is important that not random but algorithmic came to a result as 1 shape, moreover, most curious point is that on bottom-up, subjective an autonomous decision making, opposing the traditional top-down model. The process used by the Corpora to re-present and draw the spaces of the whole structure, including the drawing and notational systems are strongly based on how architects work – also in concept and ideology.

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