DLA interlock model with boundary setting

.3dm + .gh file : dla_interlock.zip

The problem of this grasshopper model was that it becomes quite slow after several generation steps. It seems “piece” component need big resource to compute production pieces(surface, coordinate plane, index tags… etc.). So that this revision allows executing “piece” component only when generated branches amount reached the number which set by “branch_amount” slider.
But still remind that disabling “timer” will also give you good visualize performance. The “timer ” should be enable only when you need generation procedure. Even after the “piece” component executed, stopping “timer” will give comfortable view.

This version also allows,

  • you can apply your own brep model for generation boundary to “Brep”.
  • setting branch length by “branch_length” slider.
  • setting branch amount by “branch_amount” slider.
  • “reset Button” for reset all generation.

Jesse, sorry for late updating.

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